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Summer is Better on a Boat

Boats and water are synonymous with summer, at least where I grew up (the northeast). There is a sense of freedom to getting out on the water with everything you need for the day or overnight and heading away from the shore towards adventure! Life's chaos doesn't slow down one bit, but the moment we get on the boat we tend to let all that go for a few hours. And the cool thing is it doesn’t matter what kind of boat you're on.

I don’t care if you have access to a paddle board or a mega yacht. This summer plan a day on the water!

One of my favorite parts about spending time on the water, is the opportunity we’re given to expose our kids and families to new experiences. From wakeboarding to fishing and exploring a secluded cove by kayak, boating is a great way to unlock the magic of outdoor activities!

There’s no party like a boat party. Boats make for such a fun way to be social. Sure you can host a dinner party or schedule a playdate to hang out with your friends and family, but with boating there is a whole other level of fun. We love how easy it is to entertain a variety of personalities in one single outing. Whether you're two or 102 there is a little something to entertain everyone all in one floating venue. Grab your wireless speaker and and some cold beverages and go find your next party cove!

Swimming - You'll find several boats that will dock at the sand bar or out in the middle of the lake. When you notice these boats sitting there, you'll see how much fun they're having jumping off the side of the boat, or just floating in the water swimming. The kids seem to enjoy this more than anything else you can do on the boat. Swimming off the sandbar or in the deep water is a million times better than spending time at your pool. Make sure to bring a noodle with you to maximize your float time!

This summer head to the water with your family and friends and enjoy your time together. The great American summer is all about fun, adventure, patriotism, gratitude and intentionality, and getting out on the water makes all these things possible! To enhance the experience, check out our Great American Summer Merch store and pick up our exclusive shirts and hats for this summer! Post your photos from your next on water excursion and win some free merch!

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